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International Award Winning Program | taught by Randa Habelrih

Course description

We all need a MATE; A friend. 

Our mates help us feel a sense of belonging and connectedness at school. 

Many students find forming social relationships difficult. They may have a diagnosis which affects their ability to interact or they may just be shy. This does not mean that they do not want a friend.

Young people by nature are caring, often they just don’t have the tools or ‘peer permission’ to step outside of their comfort zone in order to help others feel included. The AWARD WINNING School MATES program has been created to give students the tools and the permission to be more inclusive.

This is taught through a series of Teachers and Students videos supported by Handbooks/Workbooks for each with thought provoking exercises.

This program has just been awarded the 2017 Silver Stevie for Best New Product or Service at the International Women in Business Awards in New York. 


- Access to Online Program and Materials for self implementation
- Email support as needed
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- Presentation by Randa Habelrih introducing the MATES program to your students
- Monthly one on one phone support

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- Presentation by Randa Habelrih introducing the MATES program to your students
- Teacher training by Randa Habelrih
- Student Leaders Training by Randa Habelrih
- Weekly phone support

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Randa Habelrih
Randa Habelrih
Speaker, Author, Social Inclusion Activist & International Stevie Award Winner

Overnight I went from being a marketing executive to the mother of a child with autism. I learned first-hand the devastating effects of exclusion and bullying. Although the journey was challenging, I’m so proud of my son, he is one of my biggest blessings, he has inspired me, taught me to love unconditionally and reminds me daily to become a better person.

The obstacles were many and following one of many bullying incidents at school, I chose to speak directly to my son’s peers by creating a YouTube video, which has since travelled the world and been awarded a prize.

This encouraged me to write a book called “Dealing With Autism”, this is not just a narrative it also includes a chapter dedicated to offering a proactive solution called School MATES. MATES is an acronym for Mates Assisting To Engage Socially.

I’m so passionate about social inclusion. Too many students are lonely and feel ostracised at school, this makes their academic goals almost redundant as they lose their motivation to achieve. We all crave a sense of belonging and want to feel connected socially. The MATES programme was created based on this premise.

For most of us when we look back at our school years, we recall the friendships we made and the interactions we had. For too many students, this will not be possible due to their isolated experiences in school.

Not only am I the proud mother of an amazing young man on the autism spectrum, I'm also qualified in other areas; I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, have lectured on Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour and have worked with companies such as Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, David Jones, The University of NSW.

My business background coupled with my autism experience, allows for a unique perspective.

I'm fully committed to creating a more inclusive world and to empowering people with the leadership skills and mindset to believe they can change our world and make it a better place.

I'm greatly humbled to have recieved the 2017 Gold Stevie for Women Helping Women at the International Women in Business Awards in New York. This reaffirms that we each have the ability to make a difference in changing our world, one person at a time.

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